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Luann McElroy , Principal

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“I have worked with Luann and beau branding on national media coverage. Luann makes the process fun and exciting and the results have created a frenzy of business from all over the United States!”
- Betsy Thagard, Founder B. toffee LLC

“Luann is consistently great to work with. I know I can count on her to respond to the most last-minute requests and I never have to follow up with her. Plus her clients are great for People StyleWatch!"
- Cassady Nordeen , People StyleWatch Fashion Editor

"Luann and beau branding have been pivotal in creating our company name and logo. Their tools, guidelines and knowledge have helped show case discover color, shapes and material and helped establish our brand direction. We couldn't be happier with their professionalism and creativity, not to mention their attention to detail and their help with our social media campaign."
- Seandra Case & Melyssa Johnson, Co-Founders Show Case shopshowcase.com

“Luann and beau branding are one of my go-to resources because I know that they will always have just what I'm searching for - and they are friendly and ultra-professional to boot!”
- Stephanie Rygorsky, Woman's World Fashion Director

“I’ve been working with Luann and the beau branding team for years; I trust them, their relationships and creative instincts. Their grasp on pop culture and fashion is like no other and I couldn’t be more thrilled with their work.”
- Julie Yuh Founder/Owner of MakeMeChic.com

“Working with Luann at beau branding is a breath of fresh air compared to other PR experiences in this industry. She's super-responsive, never leaves me hanging, and sample requests are always such a quick turnaround. Her clients are a great fit for Redbook Magazine and I look forward to many editorial placements in the upcoming new year!”
- Cristina Desposito, Redbook Fashion Editor